Vocabularies for Agriculture Investment

Many different classifications are used in the collection and analysis of data. Examples relevant to agriculture and agricultural investment include the CRS system of code lists (maintained by the OECD DAC) to collect data on aid do development, or the Central Product Classification (CPC, maintained by the UN Statistical Division). Some coding systems are widely applied across domains, such as for example those that assign codes to greographical or geopolitical areas. 

FAO is working on improving the way statistical classifications are maintained. The goal is to publish classifications that are machine-actionable, in fully open formats supporting multilignual versions and concordances. To this end, we are producing RDF versions of a few relevant classifications, as RDF meets all our requirements, a number of tools are available to deal with all phases of the lifecycle of statistical classifications (from maintenance to publication and use in datasets) and still allows users to have alternative formats based on the RDF "master copy".   

Browse the draft RDF/SKOS version of the CRS sector/purpose code list as an RDF/SKOS vocabulary.

Forthcoming classifications: CPC 2.1 and CPC 2.0.